Retail and Wholesale

POS (Point of Sale) Solution for Retail and Wholesale Business

Grocery Store is a small retail business to provide foods in packs or cans; and various fresh vegetables and fruits for our everyday life. Today the grocery stores have changes to two different business ...

Hospitality Service

TYSSO provides total hardware solutions for Hospitality Service

For most Business fields, provide good products or service is both important for your business. For Hospitality Service, such as reception service or registration of hotels, a fascinating customer experien...


POS (Point of Sale) Solution for Pharmacy

Apparel and accessory stores provide dress with fashion, function, and occasions for adults and kids; men and women; formal or casual, even only for teenagers or females. Variety of stores ...

Bookstore and Stationary

POS (Point of Sale) Solution for Bookstore and Stationary

Bookstore is a special retail business that far more different from other retail business. A bookstore does not sell merchandises; it provides a type of opinion collections, information and systematized kn...


POS (Point of Sale) Solution for Restaurant

Good Food and Good Drink in a reliving mood, Restaurant is more than a place that serves customers with meals. It has become a location for sociality. For that, the quality of service is far ...


POS (Point of Sale) Solution for Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a retail store that provides medicines of prescription or medical consultation from pharmacist. For the profession and various categories of medical items, a convenient manage/cashier system is...