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POS System

POS Systems (Point of Sale System) have been widely adopted in the retail, restaurant, franchise sectors, and they are considered the best business assistant for operators.


All in One Panel PC

All in one touchscreen Panel PC, PPC Series with IP65 front bezel, VESA mounting option and rich I/O expansion meet business requirements and allow superior flexibility for easy installation.


Mobile POS Hardware

Mobile POS systems have become more and more popular and have emerged as key features in today's POS applications, as they can be easily carried around anywhere to serve clients and collect data.


LCD Display

Primarily designed for business, highly responsive 10-point touch capacity maximize what you can do in the shop. PPD Series, LCD Displays also offer multiple functionalities served as main or 2nd customer displays.


Receipt and Label Printer

Receipt Printers, broadly used nowadays, play a crucial role in the modern business world. Although a receipt printer may sound like a straightforward piece of equipment, there are actually many different models offering various features.


Barcode Scanner

The Barcode Scanners, including linear (1D) and 2D Data Matrix Scanner, CCD Barcode Scanner, Fixed Barcode Scanner, Laser Barcode Scanner, portable data collector and Omni Directional Scanner.


POS Peripheral

As a leading POS Peripherals manufacturer, Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) offer Cash Drawer, Magstripe Card Reader, Customer Display, LCD Touchscreen Monitor and Programmable Keyboard suitable for various industries.



Multi-functional Self-service Kiosks, shorten the wait time to place an order and pay the bill, which in turn facilitate faster table turnover. Kiosks offer full immersive experiences, where customers can see all menu options on a large touchscreen display, then order and pay easily and securely.