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POS systems have revolutionized the restaurant industry, especially in fast food and full-service restaurants. The right restaurant POS systems will allow you to hone the perfect experience for your guests and keep your operation running smoothly to maximize satisfaction and repeat business.



Customer experience is your customers’ perception of how the company treats them. These perceptions affect their behaviors, build their memories and feelings and may drive their loyalty.



Apparel shops have a unique problem with inventory. Stock is not only segmented by item and color, but by size as well. POS systems can help smoother transactions, remote management, and easy inventory control.



From barcode scanners, cash drawers, receipt and label printers to POS systems, we provide everything you need for the Retail Industry.


Labeling and Tracking

A label contains information regarding the product: ingredients, usage, caution in use, date of manufacturing, batch number, etc. It provides perceptions of different products and is essentially your sales pitch to your potential consumer. Labeling and Tracking is becoming increasingly important in all fields of industries and can make all the difference between a buy or a pass.



When implementing a warehouse management system, barcoding and labeling are key features to consider. Barcoding and labeling your products, defining and maintaining material storage locations are the necessary steps in providing the data that your employees need to perform their job functions efficiently.



Pharmacy is one of the most challenging environments for the AIDC field. Pharmacies utilize many different sizes and types of barcode labels printed on various surface types. They also have a host of other requirements to fulfill such as prescription, ID validation, accurate dosage dispensing and patient information security.

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Providing High Quality Products

Our products include POS Systems, Barcode Scanners, Receipt Printers, Magnetic Stripe Card Readers, Customer Displays, Touch Screen Monitors, Cash Drawers, Programmable Keyboards, and many other POS peripheral devices.

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Stable and Reliable

In Fametech, the total quality control is immersed to every phase of product process: start from input and material quality control to the output control- every product of Fametech (TYSSO).