11/16 2021

A Perfect Blend of Traditional and Mobile POS Hardware

The major differences between a traditional POS terminal and a mobile POS are portability and versatility. A mobile POS hardware not only enables clothing store employees to sell products without limitations but also helps restaurant waiters to serve customers directly in a more convenient way.

Fulfilling Business Needs

Taking TYSSO Mobile POS, for example, it is designed to revolutionize your POS experience. Integrated with optional modular peripherals for various business or industrial applications it provides you with superior mobility and productivity.

Modular POS Peripherals

With the convenient side I/O interfaces, it can connect the integrated peripherals and payment terminals, such as 2D Barcode Scanner, Finger Print, MSR, or NFC reader.

Customer First

On the other hand, the wireless connectivity and portable form factor ensure a new way to drive sales and increase customer engagement. For example, in a restaurant, staff can enhance pace and level of service and let customers easily tip, sign, or request a digital receipt on the tablet interface.

Extend POS Connectivity

Why do we say mobile POS hardware is a perfect blend of mobile and Traditional POS? Because of its flexibility, mobile POS hardware allows shop staff to use it in a stationary fashion or disconnect it from the base and move with relative ease.

Multi-functional Design

The multi-functional dock station is designed to extend the connectivity of the mobile POS while maintaining the option to convert it to a stationary type POS terminal. With accessories like an easy hand strap, mobile POS hardware provides superior mobility and productivity.

Online to Offline

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, more and more retailer businesses started online shops to drive sales. And then with the help of mobile technology and social media, online promotions brought more potential customers to those retail stores. A mobile POS hardware can help store staff scan e-coupons or point cards and guide customers through the purchase process or place pre-orders directly.

In Clothing Stores

Portable form factor with wireless connectivity is a key consideration in purchasing mobile POS hardware for clothing stores. Especially in the fast fashion industry, store staff needs to check product inventory and prices from anywhere and show images with more details like size, color, price, SKU, and other characteristics to customers as fast as they can to deliver the best customer experience.

Restaurant Applications

Fametech Inc.(TYSSO) provides high-quality products and after-sales services to maintain the optimal mobile POS hardware in business and offer ODM & OEM customization for system providers’ needs.

According to the latest article released by BusinessMediaDaily, a mobile POS, or mPOS, is a point-of-sale system that uses a smartphone or tablet to act as a register that accepts payments on the go.

A mobile POS accepts credit cards and contactless payments, with the most common types being:

1. Credit and debit cards with an EMV chip or magnetic stripe

2. Contactless credit cards

3. Digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, which use near-field communication (NFC) technology

4. Samsung Pay, which uses magnetic secure transmission (MST) technology to facilitate contactless payments

5. QR codes (allowing a customer to scan a QR code to make a payment or use a discount)

6. Credit and debit cards with an EMV chip or magnetic stripe

Besides offering a wide range of payment methods, restaurant staff must enhance pace and level of service by adjusting menu items and prices on the fly and delivering an exceptional guest experience with mPOS.

One of those features under development is a visual recognition technology that can, for example, “detect” the items on a diner’s food tray and automatically calculate the order cost. Depending on the number of devices needed, a self-ordering kiosk deployment can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars. As such, it’s important to choose a vendor that can offer maximum customization, flexibility, and upgradeability to protect that investment in the long term.

Take a look at this TYSSO Youtube video and find out how mobile POS hardware works in the restaurant.